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Funniest was WABC's Bill Ritter saying "fiddy". I prefer "Mr. Cent" myself, yo.


Who the hell gives a crap about "fiddy" or "fifty" or "Mr. Cent" in the first place? The guy is merely the worst example of the kind of modern minstrel show stereotypes that the amoral and venal music industry promotes to make a quick buck.

The guy is an embarrassment to white people who try to sound "cool" by mispronouncing his moniker, and an embarrassment to black people of whom he is a grotesque caricature.

To avoid further embarrassment, maybe the media should report on the far more talented artists out there who better represent the diversity of African-American culture than the commercial rappers that seem to currently command so much of their attention.

I think Spike Lee covered the issue very well in Bamboozled, a movie everyone should see.

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