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this thing is ssssooooooooooo awesome i want to write a song about it!Thats kinda weird a song about a song player(mp3 player)!
thanks 4 inventing it


Scott Walker is genius. You must revisit many times over. It's lush, it's vibrant, it's original, it's campy. If you have to get an individual Scott Walker album (unavailable in the US), get "4". He sings a song on there about the movie The Seventh Seal. John, if only I could do a Scott Walker mashup with something. U think 2 Many DJs would put it on their next compilation for me? Cheers!



I recommend is last (latest) album 'Tilt'. Musically is sounds amazing and is very contemporary and layered. The lyrics are far more abstract and strange compared to the ballads and show him going from strength to strength. He's now signed to the Pixies label, 4AD, so should be interesting to hear what he does next.

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