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WATERPROOF 2nd generation iPod Shuffle
Very cool You Tube Shuffle video. Now imagine diving into the water with your new 2G iPod Shuffle clipped to your hot swimwear.
Now you can....
While other versions of the iPod have waterproof cases, I haven't heard of a waterproof case for the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle. As the minute size of the 2G Shuffle would make it the perfect digital player for watersports, it's too bad that a waterproof case for this unit hasn't been produced... yet. However, the great news is that there is a WATERPROOF 2nd generation iPod Shuffle sold on the web by SWIMMAN at http://www.swimman.com. It's sold along with their excellent waterproof headset that has been rated on the web as being the best waterproof headset on the market. I have used it and now won't go in the water or do laps without it. Consequently, we may not need a waterproof case (that would add bulk and prone to leak) for the 2G iPod Shuffle after all.


hey there just wondered do you know of where i can get the novelty cases like chewing gum and rolling paper for the 1st generation ipod shuffle?



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